I am from the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand and grew up close to the beach with my parents, brother and two dogs. My hobbies have always included, swimming, fishing and sailing. Needless to say I love the ocean.

Why socks you might ask? For as long as I can remember I have suffered from cold feet. Even in summer when the rest of me is warm, my feet are often cold and this, along with other symptoms over the years finally lead to me being diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis in 2017.

I first began drawing as a way to distract myself from all of the mental and physical challenges that come with having Hashimoto. Over time these drawings and designs, paired with my Bachelor of Design skills gave way to something bigger… Dark Soles.

Designing socks also allows me to embrace the fact that although symptoms of depression have faded, it seems that my feet are still always cold. The best bit about our bamboo socks is that they help to keep your feet warm when it’s cold (and cool when it’s hot).

I am now working in the yachting industry where I live, work and design socks at sea.